Time’s running out. View from Kalimantan, Indonesia.

To Save the Orang-utans, We Must First Fight the Lobbyists

Who’s responsible for ditching dirty palm oil? We all are, but the lobbyists don’t want us to. Here’s why.

Corporate lobbyists want to kill your children?

A zoo life or none at all. (Image: Wild Folks)

Let’s talk $$$ — Destroying the Earth for easy profit

Those bloody hippies on the frontline (Image: Greenpeace)

Why we need a global ‘carbon tax’

Lobbyists: humanities biggest threat

How to stop lobbyists: Who’s in charge here?

Congress: obstructing progress for profit

So who’s messing with our planet?

What can I do to stop deforestation?

  • Boycott companies. Consume less. Drink water (soda gives you acne anyway). Eat fresh produce, avoid processed foods.
  • Check what you buy is palm-oil free — Read the ingredients, stay woke!
  • Spam companies on social media, they hate that. It’s ‘bad for the brand’. Currently you can jump on the bandwagon and attack Oreo for doing business with Mondelez.
  • Tell your friends, online and off. Get angry together.
  • Sign and share climate change petitions and promote global action to stop deforestation on 350.org. While there are many petitioning sites, 360 operates internationally aiming to push the environmental sustainability worldwide. To petition against palm oil deforestation, head to Rainforest Rescue.
  • Read up on the Paris Climate Agreement and hold future policy makers in your country to account.
  • See the full list of threats to our forests and natural habitats over at Greenpeace. Accept that this bunch of hippies might actually have a point.
  • Think I’m overreacting? Go watch Before the Flood — a brilliant (if terrifying) 2016 National Geographic documentary on the effects of climate change along with optimistic solutions, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. Available for free somewhere online because there are some things more important than profit!
  • Or, to get the facts on climate change and our impending doom from actual scientists, head over to NASA.



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Laura Tucker

Creative freelancer and opinionated self-sabotager. Loves the environment, hates Christmas and consumerism. See her work at LessEvolved.com